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John Francis

John Francis

Matilda Steed

Matilda Steed

Our love of steampunk began with our passion for sci-fi literature, enjoying classics such as Philip Pullmans Northern Lights or H.G Wells’s time machine.

We became enthralled by the concept of the facts of history combined with the possibilities of the future. The idea that styles and fashions of the past can be drawn into a time that is only bound by one’s imagination, is why we enjoy steampunk.

Once we got into the scene we realized steampunk is not one genre, its influenced by all the great things to come out of the 20th century – the punk scene, burlesque fashion, and goths, it seems like all the fun stuff has a hand in modern steampunk!

Upcycling is one of the great things about Steampunk

Who doesn’t like to upcycle? We love to make new things and give new life to our old clothes and furniture. Steampunk gives us the opportunity to do just that, we spend days trawling around antique stores looking for gems to upcycle and share with our friends and community. We will share our findings and tips with you as we go!

We want to share Steampunk

We started steampunk artifacts for a bit of enjoyment and fun. We created this site, to share the history, the clothes, the trends, and the events with everyone else out there who shares our passion!

Tell us what you want us to write about

We will listen to your ideas – just let us know which elements of steampunk we should be focusing on! If it’s events, fashion, games, or whatever you are into, let us know and we will, to the best of our ability, try to cover it!

You can reach us at any time via our contact us page