Assassins Creed Hoodies

Do you want to know how to dress like the characters from Assassin’s Creed? Or find out where to get the best assassins creed hoodies online? In this article, we review the origins of the clothing phenomenon, we discuss the various types of assassins hoodies and how you can even make your own costume out of an everyday hoodie.

Assassins Hoodie

An assassin’s hoodie is a hooded robe made famous in the franchise Assassin’s Creed. Each version of Assassin’s Creed features a different Assassin hoodie, each with its relevance to the time the game is set and each with individual aesthetic style and practical features.

Why do the Assassins in Assassin’s creed wear hoods?

Covering your face from the prying eyes of bystanders helps assassins blend in with a large group of people.

Assassin's Creed hoodie

The assassins must protect their identity at all costs because they need to escape once they have taken out their target, so covering your face is the primary function of any assassin’s outfit. The assassin’s hood could be lined with a protective interior made of padding or chainmail, to protect against strikes to the head and neck area.

The negative side to wearing an item that completely shields your face is that your view will be impaired which will restrict your ability to fight.

What types of Assassins hoodie are there?

The age-old battle between the Brotherhood and the Templars has been raging for eternity and the costumes have evolved along with the narrative of the story. As the series developed so too did the ability to customize suites, which took away some of the themes and context of the outfits, but still offered base suites with a distinct style and look of the era of the game.

Assassins Creed DIY hoodie

So what types of clothing will make you look like an assassin? Well, let’s explore the variety of choices available.

In the original 2007 release, the heroes are fighting in the 1100s during the time of the Crusades. The hoodies are long and flowing robes with a dark ages look and feel.

As the franchise progresses we find the heroes in Italy during the 1500s, the hoodies have developed to include practical leather waistcoats with straps and pouches.

As we move towards the victorian era with further franchises we can see more obvious steampunk-style hoodies with studs and holsters to fit a blunderbuss.

Steampunk Assassins Creed outfit

The evolution of the Assassins hoodie from its early incarnations takes a turn towards steampunk in the 9th installment of the game, Assassins Creed Syndicate.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate 2015

Assassins Creed Syndicate was first released in October 2015 on console, with the PC version released a month later. The game received rave reviews and not just for its gameplay, but the creativity and breadth of imagination that went into the steampunk-inspired costumes.

What is the steampunk assassins creed game?

The plot follows the two characters Jacob and Evie as they arrive in London in the heart of the Victorian era – 1868. Our heroes attempt to rule the criminal gangs of London and defeat the Templars who are governing the city.

Ubisoft released the steampunk pack in November 2015 as a piece of downloadable content that would allow you to customize your characters with a steampunk theme. The main outfit that replaced the assassin’s hoodie was Dr. Daniel’s Garment. This was a classic steampunk look using a bowler hat, steampunk goggles, and a long leather coat decorated with buckles and metal.

How to make an Assassin’s Creed Costume out of a hoodie?

Since Assassins creed’s launch in 2007, the fashion of the franchise has been one of its iconic features and has captured the imagination of many a cosplay costume. Is it possible to make an assassin’s creed costume at home? You can try, use these 4 steps to help you develop that assassin look:

  1. Remove the sleeves from an everyday hoodie and wear this over a shirt, customize it with leather straps to make holsters for your various weaponry, and try belts worn in the shape of a cross to make a practical way to incorporate leather
  2. Cut the top of the hood into a peak or a small triangle, you just need to remove the roundness from the modern hoodie design
  3. Add a cravat or scarf which can be slipped up over your face when you need to blend into the crowds
  4. Use material to act as a cumberbund above your waist. This could be a scarf if you do not have any appropriate material at home
Assassins Creed hoodie women's

The final word on Assassins hoodies

The iconic Assassin’s Creed franchise is a nostalgic and superbly crafted game famous for both its gameplay and fashion. The assassins hood first makes its appearance in the original 2007 launch and is a mainstay throughout the entire series that follows.

Ubisoft designers have allowed the design of the hood to evolve over the years and suit the culture and period in which the game is set. The hoodies of characters such as Altair and Ezio are granted many improvements for both fashion and practical purposes that ensure assassin’s hoodies are still one of the coolest cosplay costumes around.

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