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Top 5 Steampunk Costumes We Hope to See This Halloween

Top 5 Steampunk Costumes We Hope to See This Halloween

October 21, 2016

Halloween is just around the corner, everyone. And, honestly, I'm really hoping to see some awesome steampunk costumes in the crowd mixed up in the superheroes and clown costumes. So, here's a list of some really great costumes if you want to take the challenge and dare to make an awesomely different costume this Halloween (hopefully accessorized with some of the gorgeous products from here at Steampunk Artifacts, but we don't judge). 

1) Personally, I think it's hard to start this list anywhere but with Lady Mechanika. She's straight out of her own online comic written by Joe Benitez. She's a gorgeous example of everything that steampunk really represents. Now if only we could get those gorgeous mechanical limbs just for a costume! Check out this gorgeous costume put together by Lizbit, for one of her many versions of Lady Mechanika.


2) Steampunk Armor

Okay, I'm not sure this is exactly a costume, though really, any time I see someone with steampunk armor on, it already looks like they're rocking a great costume. Some people base it off existing characters, their own characters, or just lean on the beautiful aesthetic that the armor brings all on its own. Just check out this picture of armor by Canadian artist Ian Finch-Field, it looks like a wearable sculpture, and absolutely something Halloween worthy.

3) Mad Hatter

Okay, am I the only one with a soft spot for the Mad Hatter after seeing Johnny Depp do the roll justice in a costume that just itches to be thrown into the world of steampunk? Well, either way, save your opinions until after you see the gorgeous versions I found. Better yet? His costume and character plays well for all genders, just take a look at how well these people in cosplay pull it off. And really, it doesn't have to be a full, handmade costume- a few well used accessories will take you a long way with this one.












4) Steampunk Pirate

Okay, so this one should be a pretty easy one to throw together. Again, it's all about the accessories. People have made gorgeous leather, custom costumes to make them look like the most seaworthy(or airworthy, this is steampunk we're talking about here) of steam-powered pirates, but I would be glad to see even a regular pirate costume, mass market or DIY, up-scaled to steampunk with the right jewelry 'booty' and a pair of steampunk goggles. I bet you could even put this costume together with pieces that you'd be happy to wear on a daily basis.

5) Steampunk Masquerade

I couldn't tell you why we stopped throwing balls. But, bringing back the best of the Victorian Era means bustles, ball gowns, waistcoats, and top hats are all a part of the fashion. I don't know what you're doing on Halloween, but I don't think I would find anything more impressive than coming out trick-or-treating or showing up at a party dressed to kill in a gorgeous costume that looks like you've stepped fresh out of the ball. Masks, goggles and glasses all optional, but really, why would you ever want to leave them out?


Well, that's all for this list. I really hope it's inspired some of you to try out a new fashion and stir your Halloween up with a great new style. Remember to check out our products- they might just be exactly what you need to turn your plain costume into a steampunk work of art!