Top 5 Amazing Steampunk Gadgets

Top 5 Amazing Steampunk Gadgets

October 25, 2016

It's amazing what technology has been hooked into the steampunk style. Some of the most modern things all of the sudden look like they've been around since the Industrial Revolution. But, that's the point. Check out some of the beautiful steampunk gadgetry that we found!

1) Clocks

I don't know if everyone else loves clocks as much as I do. But, seeing the things that steampunk has done to the ticking simplicity of clocks, whether on your wrist, in your pocket or on your wall, is stunning. Exposed gears, leather, metal, all of it. Take a look and tell me if you don't love the design of this watch- and then run over to pick it up from our products, it's one of ours!

2) Computers

Computers brought into the Industrial Era are gorgeously functional works of art. And maybe they're a little bit bigger than gadgets- some of them are quite large, but they work! And some even have the appearance of a typewriter, which is absolutely gorgeous. The only shame is that I'm not writing this n one, and you probably aren't reading this on one (if you are, you've got some serious envy from me!).

3) Camera

Older cameras are beautiful on their own, simplistic and so reliable. But, update the look of one by sending it even farther back? It's a genius idea, and the results- I can't even do it justice, just take a look.

 4) Pen

So, pens may not seem to strongly like a gadget. They make this list for the amazing updates that some people have made to them in the name of steampunk. And in the end, they're just as usable, so I say that allows them to claw their way onto this list! Especially with the way they bring back the old writing nib style, no ballpoints to be seen!

5) USB

Something I'm sure we take for granted now, portable computer storage. Thumb Drives. They're never very exciting. Until now. Someone has thought to drop a boring USB drive into steampunk, and the results are way better than you'd ever find in the store with the office supplies!


There you have it! Some of the best combinations of modern gadgets and steampunk aesthetic. Beautiful, right? The style of steampunk really is stunning- none of this looks modern, but it's perfectly useful as thought it just came off production!



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