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Geekhoodies is dead. Long live Steampunk Artifacts! If you're as disappointed with the demise of Geekhoodies as we are, then you're in luck. Our mission is to make geek hoodies that you’ll love to wear.

Now, as much as we love to make hoodies that proudly announces to the world how much we love Assassin’s Creed, League of Legends or Doctor Who, we also want to make hoodies with nifty, subtle references only your fellow gamers/geeks who have played the game or watch the show will understand. 

We know how much you love the worlds and characters created inside your favourite games and TV shows. For us, they are our escape from this boring reality. 

Whether it’s the underwater city of Rapture, the open sea with Captain Kenway or in the TARDIS with the Doctor, we love the adventures we get to be a part of.

We want to make hoodies with these cool things because they remind us of the fun things we do, the great people we team up with and we feel these games, TV shows and characters are truly part of our identity. 

Here you'll find our collection of Assassin Creed style hoodies, Assassin's Creed jackets and more.  Pick up a pair of steampunk goggles to match your hoodie! Free worldwide delivery!

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