Steampunk Artifacts Editorial Guidelines purpose is to share the word about the sci-fi sub-genre steampunk. We want our readers to enjoy the articles we produce and be confident that the information they read is accurate and current.

Our articles are independent of commercial bias

What does that mean exactly? If we write a list of the best steampunk accessories, the items in that list are there because we think they are the best, not because we get paid a commission for including them.

How do we know they are the best? We try and explain that in each article, we will do our best to be open with our methodology and clear with our reasoning. This lets our readers know that we have not added items to our articles for the purpose of generating commission from a 3rd party reseller.

Who checks the facts?

We want to make sure the information we provide is correct and so we each edit each other’s articles. We fact-check references and make sure the sources are quality and can be validated, we try and avoid second-hand low-quality sources of information and instead opt for high-quality historical resources.

We all make mistakes

Clearly in the world of writing there will be errors or changing facts that we need to update on the website. If you notice a mistake we would like you to inform us via the contact us form. We will do our best to update the site within 7 days of receipt of your message.