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Handmade Steampunk Octopus Clock Cufflinks

Get the best of trendy classic style fashion unisex glass tie clips and Cufflinks. This delicate cuff links inspire men confidence and courage, energy and masculine. It is stainless steel and does not fade and seldom need to maintain it looking new. This Cuff links is stylish, eye catching, light weight and very affordable.

With an on-trend cuff links, it is ideal for adding a refined shine to any leisure day look. It has a touch of smooth polishing which adds a beautiful sparkle. The cuff links comes with a pair in a nice package.

Inspired by various fashion shapes, the cuff-links showcase a contemporary glossy by adding exquisite polishing. This simple but romantic design is suitable for any outfit - and can be used as a gift too. Suitable for all occasions including Valentines Day, Wedding Party or Graduation Ceremony.

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