Steampunk Accessories

Steampunk is an instantly recognizable sci-fi style that can easily be put together from scratch with accessories – if you know what to look for! In this article, we look at what makes an item ‘steampunk’. We explain how you can make a DIY steampunk outfit without spending a cent and list all the accessories a steampunk would wear.

Steampunk accessories

Steampunk accessories lean on the fashion of the 1800s with a sci-fi twist, our top ten accessories that will complete your steampunk look are:

  1. Steampunk Goggles
  2. Aviator sunglasses
  3. Top hat
  4. Walking stick or cane
  5. Pocketwatch
  6. Bowler hat
  7. Brooch
  8. Wrist cuff
  9. Pistol belt
  10. Monocle

What makes an accessory steampunk?

Steampunk accessories take influence from common items that a person from the victorian era might have worn.

steampunk man and woman

The items that count as an accessory could be something that an everyday person would use – such as a top hat, a cane, a ruff, or a gothic necklace. The style also leans on the various professions and subcultures of the era. For example military costumes, accessories, and weapons. Members of the aristocracy whose grand outfits will include steampunk accessories such as wigs, canes, and monocles.

Gothic ‘vampire’ accessories straight from Bram Stoker’s novel creep into the genre of steampunk, such as fangs and capes. While the Burlesque fashion of the nineteenth century makes for perfect accessories, items such as masquerade masks and long gloves will build out that steampunk look.

How to make DIY steampunk accessories

There are plenty of ways to create DIY accessories without spending any money. We found this comprehensive list of 30 DIY steampunk accessories that will give you a free way to build out your steampunk look.

steampunk victorian mask

Top 3 steampunk DIY accessory hacks:

A DIY steampunk hat can be created with just a few items, tie black lace around the outside of the hat and decorate it with feathers and chains. Or you can really go to town like the creation below!

steampunk hat

Steampunk goggles can be quickly made by taking a pair of standard goggles, painting them gold gluing plastic studs in a circle around the frame. Cut some cogs out from gold paper and add these to finish the look.

Leather gloves can be easily customized with gems, chains, cogs, or any other typical steampunk design.

The complete list of Steampunk accessories:

This list is an A-Z directory of accessories that we believe create a typical steampunk style. If we have missed anything we would love you to let us know! You can just contact us and we will add your suggestion to the list.

Armor is worn on the shoulder, typically covering the top half of the arm or all the way down to the wrist as a sleeve

Bandanas with steampunk patterns such as cogs, watches, or metal pipes

Bracelets the more unique or customized the better, leather is the most common material decorated with metal

Brooch of the victorian era with an elaborate steampunk finish, cogs, and chains work well

Buckle think studs, cogs, anything steampunk

Butcher’s Apron would look great if customized with blood, vials of potions, or a fake cleaver!

Capes and cloaks ideally black or brown with a gothic look

Corsets are an uncomfortable part of everyday victorian fashion

Compass will help you navigate the world of steampunk

Cuffs could be made of leather and studded, or lacy and frilly

Cufflinks will add a hint of class, decorated with cogs and pocket watches is a common look

Earings with a vintage victorian vibe, long and dangly!

Eye patch hints of prior battles

Fan with lace material, easy to customize

Garter for the burlesque vibe, somewhere to store your hip flask, weapon, or bullets

Gloves lacy or leather with the fingers missing

Goggles are THE steampunk accessory

steampunk wicker hat and goggles

Guns complete the military look

Hats top hats, bowler hats, and military-style all work well

Headbands with black lace are easy to customize

Holsters to keep the customized gun

Keys that are large and hooked to a loop

Lanterns will illuminate the room

Leather belts are a must and all the better when studded

Leather bag with a chain or cog customization

Masquerade masks create a sense of mystery!

Monocle is the iconic victorian gentleman’s accessory

Necklaces can be accessories with a timepiece or gothic cross

Parasol with lacy trims

Pipe for a sherlock holmes vibe

Pocket watch is a must for any victorian needing to know what time the airship departs

steampunk watches

Rings of a victorian style or customized metal with a cog pattern

Sunglasses even going up to the 1930s style with leather sides can work

Victorian choker with a gothic lace vibe, including a pendant will complete the look

What makes Jewelry steampunk

With many of the items on our list being jewelry, let’s take a look at what makes an item of jewelry stand out as steampunk. Given the world of steampunk has one foot in the victorian era, victorian jewelry is the starting point for this style. If you add in the classic steampunk elements such as cogs, wires, gears, and pocket watches you have created steampunk jewelry.

The final word on Steampunk accessories

There are a vast amount of accessory ideas out there for anyone looking to create a steampunk look. Any accessory from the victorian era can be customized to fit the steampunk, cosplay, or gothic theme.

Most of the items on our list are available from thrift stores or eBay and you may even have items around the house that can be repurposed as an accessory.

To DIY an accessory with a steampunk vibe try spray painting it in steampunk colors – such as brown or black. Add a metallic finish like gold and stick on typical steampunk finishes such as cogs, chains, studs, or feathers.

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