A Guide to Steampunk Hats

The hat is one of the key components of a steampunk costume. A distinguishing aspect of the look, steampunk hats may add a dash of class, mystery, or whimsy to any ensemble. Steampunk hats exist in a wide range of forms, from top hats to visor caps, and may be worn to produce a wide range of looks.

We’ll go through the various steampunk hat varieties, how to match the right hat to your clothing, and how to take care of your hat.  This article will provide you with all the knowledge you need to advance your steampunk appearance, whether you’re new to the genre or an experienced enthusiast.

What kind of Steampunk Hats are there?

There are many different styles of steampunk hats, each with its own distinctive features. The following are some of the most well-liked styles of steampunk hats:

Top Hats

Popular in steampunk fashion, these tall, cylindrical hats were a mainstay of men’s headwear during the Victorian era. Wool, silk, or leather are just a few of the materials that they may be constructed of. They can also be accessorized with ribbons, feathers, and other items.

Bowler Hats

A well-liked hat style from the Victorian era, bowler hats are distinguished by their low crown and circular shape. Pins, feathers, and other embellishments can be added to these garments, which can be constructed of wool or felt.

Goggles Hats

These hats, which can be fashioned of leather, wool, or felt, combine the functionality of a hat with the aesthetic appeal of goggles. They are ideal for steampunk fans who want to give their appearance a hint of industrial or mechanical style.

Hats with a wide brim

These hats feature a wide brim that may be made of felt, straw, or another material. They are ideal for giving a steampunk costume a dash of mystery or whimsy.

Airship captain hats

These are an adaptation of the peaked cap worn by airship pilots. They come in a variety of fabrics, including leather and cotton, and frequently contain a metal crest or symbol.

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How to Choose Your Perfect Steampunk Hat

There are a few things to think about while selecting a steampunk hat to make sure you get the ideal one for your wardrobe and the situation.

Before selecting a hat, take into account the situation and attire you’ll be wearing it. A hat with steampunk-styled goggles would be more appropriate for a conference or festival with a steampunk theme than a top hat for a formal occasion.

Take head measurements

Before making a purchase, make sure the hat will fit you properly by taking your head measurements. Most hat retailers or vendors will include a sizing chart to assist you in choosing the appropriate size.

Consider the hat’s style and construction

Steampunk hats can be made of a variety of materials, including leather, silk, and felt. To make sure the hat complements the overall aesthetic you’re going for, take into account its style and the materials utilized to manufacture it.

If you’re buying a hat online, do your research on the seller and read customer reviews to make sure you’re getting a high-quality item.

You’ll be able to select the ideal steampunk hat that complements your head, style, and occasion by taking into account these variables. Never be hesitant to try out new looks and accessories because having fun and being creative are the keys to steampunk fashion.

How to Look After Steampunk Hats

A distinguishing aspect of the look, steampunk hats may add a dash of class, mystery, or playfulness to any costume. In order for your hat to last for many years, it’s crucial to properly care for it.


Use a soft brush or a moist towel to frequently clean your hat. Avoid getting the hat wet since some fabrics, such as wool, felt, and straw, can shrink or lose their shape when wet. Chemical cleaning agents should not be used since they may harm the hat’s fabric or color.


Keep your hat out of the sun and out of the heat in a cool, dry location. To keep the shape of the hat, use a box or hat stand.


To keep your hat dry when spending time outside in bad weather, cover it with a hat cover or store it in a weatherproof bag.

Take your hat to a competent hat maker or a tailor who specializes in hat repairs if it requires repairs. You can keep your steampunk hat looking excellent for many years by following these easy-care guidelines.

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